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Level Line Construction Group.
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Level Line Construction Group.


Level Line's management strives to have the company recognized by clients as delivering the highest standards of service in the industry, while making it a safe and great place to work.

The team in place brings a combined 35 years of previous experience to Level Line, its clients, and industry professionals. Their greatest experiences have been in the field working with a team of men and women to deliver projects to clients. They take a great deal of pride in the role the company plays in completing projects that help our clients achieve their construction goals.

The individuals who run Level Line come from families of extensive construction background. They started very young and during the course of their careers, proceeded hands on through various fields such as, project management, scheduling, estimating, space planning, marketing & sales / development, etc.

Under their leadership, several market segments in the construction industry will be targeted. High-end residential, education, hotels/motels, multi-unit residential/commercial, corporate interiors, entertainment, retail, and e-Technologies are just a few of the areas they hope to emphasize. Level Line's New York Interiors group is constantly seeking a more diversified and consistently growing clientele.

One set rule at Level Line Construction is every project receives the same effort, service, and attention, regardless of size, cost, or complexity.

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