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Level Line Construction Group.

About Us

Level Line Construction is a New York based company that has completed projects throughout the tri-state area, with New York City being their primary focus. They are a licensed and fully insured general contractor working with a staff of experienced personnel with over 35 years experience in the business.

Level Line specializes in all types of residential and commercial projects and is committed to the highest standard of safety performance consistent with sound construction practices. Providing a clean and safe working environment is a priority.

Their successful track record of bringing in projects on schedule and within budget, while maintaining a high quality of workmanship without compromising detail, makes them proud. It's been proven that they are able to quickly adapt to the needs of their clients. Level Line provides, consulting, pre-construction, and complete interior finishes.

If their services could be of use to you at any time, Level line welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your next project. Please feel free to explore the site keeping in mind that no job is too big or to small. Should you have any questions and/or comments please refer to the "Contact Us" sections.

Level Line's management strives to have the company recognized by clients as delivering the highest standards of service in the industry, while making it a safe and great place to work.

The team in place brings a combined of 35 years of previous experience to Level Line and its clients. Their greatest experiences have been in the field working with a team of men and women to deliver projects to clients. They take a great deal of pride in the role the company plays in completing projects that help our clients achieve their construction goals.

Managements' various field work experiences come years after their apprenticeship level. The individuals who run Level line come from families with construction background. They started early, and during the course of their careers, proceeded hands-on through various fields such as, project management, scheduling, estimating, space planning, marketing & sales development.

Under their leadership, several market segments in the construction industry will be targeted. High-end residential, education, hotels/motels, multi-unit residential/commercial, corporate interiors, entertainment, retail, and e-Technologies are just a few of the areas they hope to emphasize. Level Line's New York Interiors group is constantly seeking a more diversified and consistently growing clientele.

One very simple, set rule at Level Line Construction is that every project receives the same effort, service, and attention, regardless of size, cost, or complexity.

To earn the respect, confidence, and trust of their clients, and to become their contractor of choice. To provide top-quality service and create a solid and continually growing base for their clients, loyal employees, sub-contractors and industry professionals.

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